Monday, September 1, 2008


I couldn't go to Afton today because even though it's Labor Day, dialysis doesn't take a holiday.  But I did find out that the Station was being well cared for by Marly, and by Ron Jones, who made a surprise visit.  It's a good thing they were both there, because Trond Moburg and his merry band of Norwegian bikers came through.  I'm told that there were at least 30 of them, plus a lot of other travelers.  I'm so sorry I missed Trond, who is a great guy.  Drat!   Oh well, maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you are on dialysis, Laurel. I hope you are doing well.

A merry band of Norwegian bikers?! Sounds like a party to me!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Beth, I'm on dialysis, but I'm feeling just fine.  But because I live almost two hours from Afton and I have treatments three days a week where I live, it limits the time I can spend at Afton Station.  I hated missing Trond today.   The Norwegian groups are always such fun.