Tuesday, September 9, 2008

They just keep coming!

I'm excited that the visitor numbers have been so high for the past week.  Marly, who worked Afton Station yesterday, had about 30 visitors, including Trond's Norwegian motorcycle group of 12 people.  Today, the travelers came in steadily all day.   Betty spent the day with me at the Station, and we had the privilege of meeting folks from Germany, Wisconsin, Indiana and Holland, among others.  One large group came in just as I arrived.  It was a family reunion consisting of relatives from Idaho, Ohio, and Toronto Canada.  I also had a visit from Mike Pendleton, always a pleasure when he drops in on  his regular work route so we can do a little Route 66 gossiping. 

The couple from the Netherlands were directed to Afton Station by Marly.  They were lost, and just happened to stop at his home for directions.  He sent them down to the Station for an EZ66 Guide, which they sorely needed.  A win-win situation for all.   Marly came in later and we discussed the idea of putting a sign in his yard (13 miles down Route 66) directing people to the Station.  He lives at the exact spot where people emerge from driving the Miami section of the 9-foot alignment, so it's a logical place where people stop to ask for help.   Through the signage, we could also direct eastbound people to the 9-foot alignment.

David will take over duties tomorrow because a large Grand Lake Motorcycle Rally begins and runs for several days.  I'm really disappointed that I can't be back at the Station until Saturday.

I have a lot to do tonight, so just one more thing...   This is the quilt given to me by the mother of Trudy, owner of the Chelsea Motor Inn.  I will be putting it on the wall at the Station and I have two more which will be for sale there.  What a lot of work went into it!

The photo doesn't show details, but there are a few landmarks shown along the Route -- the Round Barn, the Blue Whale, the Route 66 Museum, the Chelsea Motor Inn, and Afton Station.  At the bottom is a nice embroidered replica of the OK State seal.  The quilt is wall-hanging size.   Sorry for the bad picture.



Anonymous said...

I love the quilt--that is so cool!

Great to hear that business is booming! The sign sounds like a good idea.

Do you know where in Indiana those visitors were from?

Glad you had a great day!


Anonymous said...

The Hoosiers said they were from a small town between Lafayette and Indianapolis.   I could look in the guest book for the exact town when I go back on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Great quilt.  Glad that business is good :o)