Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hello, Christian!

Christian, a young man from Germany who last visited Afton Station in March of 2012, came to see us again today.  Although I didn't remember all the specifics, I knew he had been living in Massachusetts for some time, and going back to my entry about him in 2012 reminded me that he was one of the finest Route 66 photographers I'd met since I've been here on the Route.  Today, he brought along a friend who is visiting from Oerlinghansen, Germany.  Christian, on the left in this photo, reads my blog every day (and you know how much I enjoy hearing that!), so I must say hello to him here and give him my wish that he and his friend have a joyous and safe Route 66 trip this year.
A lovely young couple from Briancon, France also came for a visit.  They enjoyed the penny crushing machine and posing for photos in the DeSoto.

Other visitors came from West Lynn OR, Hillsboro OR, Portland OR, Kansas City MO, Pine top AZ, Bear DE, Topeka KS, and Grove and Oklahoma City OK.
These Oregon visitors asked me to autograph their Images guide book, and I'm always happy to spend a moment or two pretending I'm some kind of celebrity.  My autograph and $3.75 will get you a grande Frappucino at Starbucks.  (Do you remember when one would say, "My autograph and 10 cents will get you a cup of coffee"?  It's about time we upgrade that little saying. . .)  See y'all this weekend!


Susan Yates said...

I read each of your posts, too, Laurel--even though I don't always add a comment. I will, however, today. You seem to have had a nice number of visitors for a mid-week day in September. Yeah!

Laurel said...

Susan - I have always considered you one of my most faithful readers, and I thank you for sticking it out for so long, through boring days and a tired and uninspired writer. It has been a lot of years!

Susan Yates said...

Not boring at all, those "ordinary days" stitched together describe exactly what you stated your blog was to do--observations of an owner of a Route 66 stop right there on the Road, which thinking about that, means any day at Afton Station is bound to be extraordinary.