Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Apples and Roses

My day off from Afton Station turned into a wonderful one.   This morning, Ron M. followed me to the very fancy car detailing place where I left it (and a pile of money) to have three years worth of crud removed from interior and exterior.  Then Ron and I proceeded to the AT&T store, where I relieved myself of another pile of money and bought an iPad!   Yes, I really did it!  With all the trimmings!
Four hours later when we went back to pick up my car, I barely recognized it.  Beautiful job!  And on the way out, I was presented with a half dozen perfectly gorgeous roses!  I don't know why, nor do I know if everyone gets them.  I just know that it was a lovely touch.  Each rose was in it's own little vial of water and fresh as a daisy.... or, a rose!  
With many thanks to Ron for hauling me all over the place today, I'll close now and see if I can figure out how to operate this new contraption called an iPad.  Since I already have an iPhone, the guy in the store said it would be easy to transition to the iPad.  Yeah, right.....

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