Saturday, September 6, 2014

112 Visitors, One Squirrel, and. . .

. . . one tired blog writer!

On possibly the busiest day ever in the history of Afton Station, we met and greeted 112 visitors (and a squirrel, but more about that later...).  Yours truly doesn't have many words left in her, but she does have a bunch of photos you might enjoy.

The regional Crown Vic Club arrived in the morning -- 54 folks  from OK, KS, MO, AR, and TX.  Their colorful Fords lined the street, making one of the busiest days the sleepy town of Afton has seen for some time.

Crown Vics here, there, and everywhere!   And Crown Vic owners swarming all over our cars and our merchandise.  What a great way to start the day!

Other visitors came from Rolla MO, Shipshewana IN, Vacaville CA, Limerick PA, Lausanne Switzerland, London Ontario, Teruel Spain, Carl Junction MO, Canary Islands Spain, and McAlester, OK.
Folks from Limerick, PA arrived in these two stunning 'rods -- a '38 Chevrolet 2-door sedan and a '35 Ford convertible.   Sharp!
This attractive couple on a full Route 66 trip from the Canary Islands in Spain stopped in for a while.
At the very end of the day, a sleek white tour bus drove in and discharged 29 folks from the Green Bay, WI area.  The Bay Bus Co. LLC really knows what it's doing.  They were actually ahead of schedule, meaning that we weren't terribly late getting home, their tour guide was very accommodating, the bus was modern and attractive, and the tourists themselves friendly and clearly enjoying their Route 66 vacation.

Oh, and about that squirrel....  
Robin's daughter Kim and granddaughter Cheyenne came in to show us their new pet, a tiny baby squirrel named Peanut.  So cute, so soft, so cuddly.  I have some experience with baby squirrels and really love them.  Once they grow up they can be a pain, but the babies are about as cute as they come.  I had fun cuddling this little fellow.

May I go to bed now?  I'm beat!  I had help all day from Ron M., but even so, it was a big day for both of us.  I hope tomorrow is just as packed with excitement as today, and I'll spend the evening gathering strength for it.  

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