Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quiet.... very quiet

Were it not for visits from Betty W., Betty B., Tattoo Man, Marly, and Ron M. (who came with me today), it would have been an almost unbearably quiet day at Afton Station. Having friends around makes the day go faster. So does having a few visitors, and we did have just that. . . a few. Two gentlemen from Claremore, OK stopped by in the morning to take a look at the Packards, and a couple from Grove, OK arrived later in the afternoon. They've visited several times before, and she is responsible for the great local cookbooks I sell at the Station. She belongs to a group of ladies who created them as a charitable endeavor toward supplying clothing and toys to needy kids. Other than that, the only person who darkened our door was a young man looking for some local information.

We added Grant Denyer to our "Wall of Fame", now inhabited also by Jeanne Tripplehorn, Roy Clark, and Gary Kroll, a former Major League pitcher. We hope to add others in the future. (George Clooney, where are you?)
Tattoo Man gave us a bottle of the new Catoosa Cream Soda, produced by Pops in Arcadia and featuring the Blue Whale. I put it in our collection. Thanks, Tattoo!I've decided to play hooky tomorrow. It's going to be bitter cold, with a wind chill below zero. I posted this sign on the door this afternoon. (No, I'm not really going ice fishing. I'm not that crazy!)
That's all for another quiet winter weekend on wonderful Route 66!


Trevor Hilton said...

Just about 3 more months and the cruisers will come out of hibernation.

So, after testing it, how does the Brown Bomber "feel" cruising 66? Anything that can move under its' own power can, of course, go down 66. But only certain vehicles can make you "feel" like your cruising.

Laurel said...

Trevor: The name of this post not only describes my day at Afton Station, but also my drive to and from there. The car rode beautifully, and it was a particularly QUIET ride. So far, I love it! I'm still learning to negotiate all those knobs, buttons, and the touch screen, however. So much to learn! But the brown bomber seems to be forging a good relationship with Route 66 right from the start.

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason to be angry about the fact that the Cubs failed to hire my favorite Hall of Famer to be their manager next year: It eliminates the possibility that Ryne Sandberg might wander into Afton Station on his way from HoHoKam Park to Wrigley Field. I just can't think of a route from Phoenix to Florida that would necessitate cruising Route 66 through northeastern Oklahoma.

Ah, well. Perhaps you can adopt the mantra of Cubs fans everywhere: "Just wait 'til next year!"