Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How long since. . .

. . . you've had a General Tightening of your Packard? I have a small collection of Packard service reminders on postcards. They were sent through the mail by car companies for many, many years. I believe these are from the late '30s.

However, this card sent to me by Ron M. is the oldest service reminder card I've ever seen. Postmarked circa 1928, it reminds the owner that he can get his Model T serviced for a labor charge of $20 to $25. Parts? New fender - $3.50 to $5. A set of platforms and rings - $7. Front axle overhaul - $4 to $5. Ahhh, those were the good old days!


DennyG said...

I know you really meant 1928 when you reported the postmark of the Model T card. It was Mr. Gleason's mention of "the New Model A Ford" that gave it away.

Some of my great-grandmother's letters tell of repairs to their Model T and it is sometimes amazing just how simple and cheap -- by our standards -- they were. A favorite line comes after they are forced to pay $2 to buy a cone wheel bearing from a fellow traveler who had a spare. Says Granny, "He was from Missouri and he showed us what a holdup was."

Laurel said...

Actually, Denny, I didn't. I just took what I thought was the postmark date and of course made sure that Model Ts were being made then. I appreciate your correction! I'll fix it before too many people know the kinds of mistakes I make when I'm rushing and take a somewhat wild guess.

Sorry to hear that your great grandma was ripped off on the $2 wheel bearing. Funny!