Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I think I'll begin with the BAD. No travelers today. None! This is the first "no travelers" day of the winter. There will be more like this, I'm sure. I'll get over it, eventually.

Now, the GOOD. I did have visits from good friends. Betty W., Betty B., and Marly all came and spent time with me. I did a little (very little) Christmas decorating today. Tripper now wears a penguin ornament hanging from his beak. Ok, not very exciting, but Tripper was quite thrilled.
I brought in a little tree decorated with a few garlands and bells. Betty B. added some of the little mailbox ornaments she made and which she sells at the Station. Each one says RT 66 and the name of one of the Route 66 states. A bargain at $3 each, too.
Now for the UGLY. On my way to Afton this morning I made an astounding and disappointing discovery. The Country Court sign is gone! Who ruined my morning and, I suspect, that of many others? Yes, it's gone. That simple, beautiful red and white sign along Route 66 between Chelsea and Vinita is one of the few landmarks I remember from decades ago, one of the memories that visits and revisits my dreams -- a random holdover from my youthful travels on Route 66. I am devastated, seriously. This is a very bad development for Route 66. There are some things in my selfish world that must not change. Where did it go? I would have paid a lot to have it in my museum, but I would have paid even more to see that it remained in its original location, where it belongs. If this sign is gone, then what's next?
Get out your EZ66 Guides, folks. Turn to Page OK-7. Cross out the mention of the Country Court sign in the first paragraph. You won't be needing it again. Damn.

Sorry about the quality of this photo. It's the former site of the Country Court sign, taken on the fly this morning.


Beth said...

Oh no! Do you suppose vandals took it? Or was it removed by whoever owns the property? What a shame. I hope you can find out what happened to it. I was hoping that someone is renovating it, but I'm guessing you would have heard about that.

Laurel said...

I wish I knew, Beth. I'll be doing a little investigation, but I don't know many people in the area. It's really out in the boonies. My guess is that it got sold to someone.