Saturday, December 20, 2008

Back to Afton Station

No, this photo isn't upside down. A florist shop here in Tulsa hangs it's tree upside down every year, although I'm not sure why. However, it sort of describes my Christmas this year, since I'm not going to Chicago to be with my daughter and son-in-law. It just doesn't feel quite right -- upside down. I'm looking forward to being with all my friends here, but I'll sure miss seeing Sarah and Matt, doing the gift-opening-around-the-tree thing, and all the other annual traditions we cherish.

Ron M. and I were astounded when two visitors came through the door of Afton Station today! It's a very cold and gray day, and after a few hours we decided that maybe we ought to just go home, since seeing any travelers seemed hopeless. Then, lo and behold, a couple from Illinois showed up with lots of questions, a healthy interest in everything, and plenty to say themselves. He spent much of his young life on Route 66 with his parents, and was taken aback by how much it had changed from his childhood memories. Many people feel that way, and it's true in part. (In fact, I struggle with accepting those changes, too). But, I think most people are disconcerted by the changes as a result of their altered perspectives and recollections which are very different from those of our youth, not just the actual changes along Route 66. Granted, there are A LOT of changes along the Route, but there are still many, many places and things that live on in original, or close to original, condition. It's always interesting to hear folks' memories from years gone by.

Betty came by and brought us a plate of her home made peanut butter fudge. This has got to stop! Betty is TOO kind, and her cooking is TOO good! We finally closed up and went home around 1:30.

I had a call from a tour company in Minnesota that wishes to bring a busload of tourists to Afton Station on Oct. 19, '09. Although I think it's amusing that they're lining up stops so early, I understand the need to do so, and I applaud their efficiency. And, I'm flattered to be "booked" so early with a big tour company like this one. Onward to 2009!

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Beth said...

Congrats on the early booking! A whole busload...woohooo!

One of the (many) things that I find intriguing about Route 66 and other historic roadways is that much of our enjoyment comes from imagining the way things were, both on the highway and in decades past. A time when the trip was a major part of the vacation, not just getting from Point A to Point B. Our world and our lives have become so rushed that we've forgotten the simple pleasures of traveling our roadways and seeing the beauty of our country.

There are many of us that still enjoy such things, and we're the ones that keep Route 66--and other historic highways--alive and kicking.

Love, Beth