Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Volunteer Praise

First, I must say a word about my volunteers Phil and Marly, who have been such a huge help to me since Ron M. has been on vacation.  Every day, as I drive up to the Station after the 85-mile drive from Tulsa, I see the flags flying and all the lights on -- everything ready to go!  I don't think that even they realizes how good that makes me feel, since opening up in the morning is kind of complex, especially if I'm alone and there are already visitors at the door.  He also usually comes and closes for me, too.  Between Phil and the wonderful Marly, I'm getting spoiled.  I'm such a lucky lady!

Today we had 11 visitors, many of them very interesting.   This couple from Germany are doing Route 66 in a rented RV, and in kind of a rush.  They had to be talked into staying long enough to tour our two showrooms, but once the agreed to do so, they were amazed by the cars.
A new family from Micronesia has moved into the little house in front of the old former Rest Haven Motel, within sight of Afton Station.  Today, the father and his very cute son stopped in to meet us.  Nice folks!
 Other visitors included a die hard squashed penny collector from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  He has over 3,500 pressed pennies in his collection and has impressive knowledge about the hobby.  Two women, one from Tulsa OK and the other from Ft. Myers, FL mistook us for the "other" nearby car museum, but enjoyed our cars very much and weren't sorry about the error.     Finally, visitors from Altoona PA, Rogersville MO, and Grove OK visited.

I took this photo on the way to Afton today.  I dunno why, but I just like it.  
I added a Translation gadget to my blog.  It works for me.  Let me know if anyone has trouble accessing it. It's up there on the top right.  Thanks!


Susan Yates said...

Of course, I immediately tried the translator. What fun to see your words in different alphabets and syllabaries.

MissDazey said...

The language translator is a good addition since you get so many visitors from other countries.

I came over here to ask if you have seen the Boots Motel lately. It's getting good coverage on Springfield's TV stations.

Laurel said...

I'm really excited about the Translator! I've been playing with it a lot, being amazed by seeing my words in so many other languages.

Dazey - I haven't been up to the Boots Motel for over a year, but I'm keeping up with the progress of the restoration. I'm so happy when people take an interest in historic sites like this!