Wednesday, November 25, 2015

To All of Our Friends. . .

. . . both old and new,
Take some time to reflect on the best things in life. 

 There are many.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

While Eating Pie

I got home from Afton Station a bit late tonight, but I'm sitting here eating the last piece of incredibly delicious lemon meringue pie that Betty brought to the Station today, to the immense pleasure of Ron M., Joe Meeks, and me!   Wow, Betty, this is GREAT!  Thank you!

The weather outside is frightful, a little too much like winter for my liking.  It's cold and extremely windy and that cold air bites right through sweaters and other clothing.  Time to get out some even warmer wardrobe items.  Brrrr.....

It was a good day at the Station, with 15 visitors and some encouraging purchases.  Here are a few of our visitors. . .
A couple from Grove, OK, former neighbors of David.  Although they've known him for quite a while, they had never visited Afton Station.  They certainly enjoyed today's tour of the old cars.
A family from Paris, TX, heading toward Branson, MO.  They decided in a bit of a last-minute brainstorm that they could do some of their travels on Route 66, and we're glad they did.
A couple from Springfield, MO who, despite living in a Route 66 town themselves, wanted to see what there is to see on the Oklahoma portion of 66.  The answer?   A lot!
Local folks from Disney, OK on the lake, have been past the Station many times and finally had time today to stop in.

We also greeted Fred Zander and although I didn't get a photo of him (with his new long beard) it was nice to spend some time chatting with this Topeka, KS citizen whom I've known for many years.  He was one of the very first Route 66 advocates, way back in the early '90s, even before I got involved in the saving of the Mother Road.   Fred drove all the way down from KS to get one of my new Afton Station pins, and I was flattered that he drove for hours just to obtain one.  He's one of the good guys!
This family from Terre Haute, IN was passing through on their way to Tulsa, where he will participate in the Route 66 Marathon to be run tomorrow (Sunday).  The little girl's name is AFTON, so they bought an array of items with the town name emblazoned upon them. 

And speaking of the Route 66 Marathon. . .  Ron M. and I went to the Tulsa Convention Center (also known as the Cox Business Center) yesterday afternoon to put in several hours helping Oklahoma Route 66 Association's president Brad Nickson  work our booth, hand out Trip Guides, and talk to visitors from all over the world about the charms of Oklahoma Route 66.  It was fun and we met some very nice folks.  Tomorrow I'll post a few pictures of some of the 30,000 people expected to come to town for the marathon. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cold Front, Warm Hearts

The chill in the air kept most away from Afton Station today, but those who did visit were from a couple of very different climates and all were warm-hearted indeed.
This couple, formerly from Vancouver, British Columbia , has recently moved back to her original home in Bayfield, Ontario Canada.  They're traveling now in their beautiful Mercedes RV.
.And here is another couple from diverse climates.  She is from Cuba, he is from Formentara, Spain.  They, too, are experiencing Route 66 for the first time.

Betty spent much of the day with Ron M. and me, but not much else took place.  I found a wonderful article in yesterday's Tulsa World (newspaper) about the life of 105-year-old woman who lives in Tulsa, spent most of her life on Route 66, which was very different when she was a kid, and also experienced first  hand the terrible Tulsa Race Riots of 1921.   I won't have time to write about this for a couple of days, so come back and read about it later.  Fascinating stuff!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Nice Surprise

Surprise!  After all my moaning about the absence of crowds at Afton Station, today turned out to be a great day with lots of friendly visitors.  Just like summer on a gloomy, rainy, cold day.   Who knew?

Ron M. and I were there, of course, and were joined at one time or another by Betty, Scott, and Michael Scruggs.
I caught Ron, Scott, and Michael being non-productive, but there were not many moments like that today.
Fairly early in the morning we were visited by this gentleman from Claremore, OK who is a car restorer himself.   He specializes in Cadillacs but was quite interested in and impressed by our Packard collection.  I feel sure we'll see more of him in the future.
Four characteristically happy travelers came to us from Queensland, Australlia.  Jackie (second from right) let me know that she and I are Facebook friends, which was such a nice realization!  I love that people from different sides of the world can "know" one another through social media.  So, hello Jackie!  Let me know how the rest of your Route 66 trip goes.  I'd love to hear from you.
And here is Jackie admiring the '57 Packard.  It's a favorite of mine, too.

Other visitors came from Colgate OK, Myrtle Beach SC, Coachella CA, Bloomington MN, and Gunniston CO.    A fine day today!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Star

The star of the show today at Afton Station was this perfectly gorgeous Thunderbird driven there by folks from Claremore, just down the road.  The beautiful shade of blue doesn't quite come across in the shade of this photo, but believe me, it was stunning.   So were the people who brought it to  us.  One couple in the T-bird and their friends in a vintage Bronco were just out for a ride on Route 66 and they found a good day to do it.   It was the perfect fall day, cool and sunny.
A couple from Oklahoma City  also exploring Oklahoma Route 66 dropped in as well.  I was crazy about his t-shirt, which advertised the Exchequer Restaurant in Chicago, where Al Capone was known to take a meal now and then.  And, the back of the shirt is intriguing, too.  Ouch!
Our other visitors came from West Plains, MO and Kansas City, MO.   It was unsurprisingly quiet again today.

On the way to Afton this morning, we stopped at the little farmer's market in Chelsea for the last time this season, as they are closing after today.  I couldn't resist these two big turnips, which are beautiful. Peeling them will be a challenge, of course, but worth the pulled muscles and cut fingers.  Yum!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Super Six

It's that old "quality more important than quantity" thing.   We had six visitors today, a paltry number compared to our summer numbers, but there was certainly nothing paltry about the guests we did have.

Ron M. and I, joined by Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones, greeted those six people with open arms.  They came from Cuba MO, Manchester England, Norman OK, and Israel.
This handsome gentleman from Israel is in the States to pick up his son who is about to graduate from Oklahoma University.  We were impressed that he wanted to make part of  his time stateside taking in the joys of Route 66
This fellow from Norman, OK is also taking some time off of his work to do a little Route 66 exploration.
The folks from Cuba, MO are truckers who, despite living in their own vibrant Route 66 city (1 mile from the Giant Rocking Chair in Fanning, in fact) decided to check out some Oklahoma 66.  And the two gents from Manchester, England are traveling the whole road from Chicago to L.A.  

In all cases, we were glad to be open for our guests.  So many shops and attractions have already closed for the winter that we find people grateful to have us there and open for business.  Remember, however, that we too will close for December and January, so if you feel like visiting us you should plan to come in the next two weeks.

There's A New Pin In Town

I'm thrilled with the way this Afton Station 1-inch hat pin turned out!   It's not a great photo, but you can get the idea.  It's enameled and very detailed.  They are available at the Station for$6, so come on in and get one!   (I'll try to get a better photo later today.)