Saturday, August 1, 2015

August: Ottawa County

The moon isn't really blue, you know, on this Blue Moon Day.  The name actually refers to situation in which there are two full moons in one month.  The next one will be in 2019.  There, a small bit of interesting to  trivia to open this short blog post.  

It wasn't very busy today at Afton Station and nearly everyone was local.  Other than a couple from Aberdeen, S. Dakota, the rest of the travelers weren't far from  home.  They came from Nevada MO, as well as Broken Arrow, Grove, Ketchum, Pawhuska, and Owasso OK.

One of the gentlemen from Tulsa came in his beautifully restored '56 Chevy.
Another group from Tulsa came on their Harleys.   It happened to be a beautiful day for bikers.
Tattoo Man came on his 3-wheeled Stallion and as usual, it drew a lot of interest.Betty also stopped in and we're always so glad to have her here.

Friend PJ the photographer came by and brought me a brand new Sony camera! He had an "extra", completely unused, and as soon as I familiarize myself with the instruction manual, you will see a decidedly improved quality of the images here.  Just wait and see.  What a nice gift!

Robin has made some beautiful jewelry which she will be selling from the Station.  Photos will follow in a day or two.  We have also restocked our t-shirts, really neat Route 66 ball caps, big 3x5 Route 66 flags in two designs, and an array of great do-rags.  Of course we also have the usual guide books, maps, and many other goodies.   We're open tomorrow.  Come see  us.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sunny Day, Chasin' the Blues Away....

Good day at Afton Station in slightly-less-than-beautiful Afton, Oklahoma, where Route 66 runs right through town and the ghosts of those who used to live on her can be heard muttering about why it didn't survive in better shape than it is.  But, who knows. As a newcomer (14 years), I really shouldn't speak on this issue, but it sure would be nice if some of the people who have property on it NOW would think about a little clean up.

But I digress. . .

I'd rather tell you about my day at the Station and some of the lovely travelers who brightened my day.   They came from Queensland Australia, Melbourne Australia, Waterloo IA, Selma AL, Louisiana, Arkansas, Orange Co. CA,  Apple Valley MI, Rockville MD, Middletown OH, Bilboa Spain, and Memphis TN.

All the way from Queensland, Australia. . .
. . . and from Melbourne, Australia.
This native French couple is now living in Rockville, Maryland.
Nadina Medlin (right) has visited before (from Tennessee) but this time brought her step daughter and step granddaughter, on an all-girl exploration of Route 66.  Granddaughter is an adorable, loveable kid.  I wanted to keep her!   Since I had to leave for home shortly after they arrived, I do hope to meet with Nadina on a future trip.

Ron M. was busy today, so Robin helped me open and Rann helped me close.  It's lovely to have such nice volunteers.   Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones also came to spend some time today.  

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Throw Your Shoes

This Speedbup Cartoon which appeared today's Tulsa World reminded me to ask if you have visited our very own Oklahoma Route 66 Shoe Tree, east of Stroud.   The first tree fell several years ago, but a new one is sprouting shoes faster than the other one ever did.   You can find it on the south side of Route 66
Help fill our iconic tree.  No, they're not for the birds!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

International Day

Our record at Afton Station for visitors from the most countries in one day was surely broken today as we happily greeted folks from Argentina, Switzerland, Hungary, England, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey.  I couldn't stop smiling, and my smile was a replacement for my inability to speak any of those languages. There was a lot of communication by laughs and smiles at the Station today!   This international onslaught speaks well for the blooming popularity of Route 66 around the world.

There were, of course, plenty of folks from the good old USA who stopped in today as well. They came from Warrenton MO, Broken Arrow OK, Muskogee OK, Stringtown OK, Council Grove KS, Wichita KS, Pea Ridge AR, Knoxville IL, Gentsville MO, Anchorage AK, Grove OK, Pensacola FL, Columbus OH, Macon GA, Trucker MO, and Zena, OK.  Linda K, an old friend of Betty's, happened to come in while Betty was visiting, and they had a long chat about friends in common and about the old days in Afton.
Out for a spin on their motorcycle were this couple from Broken Arrow and Muskogee, OK.
There's nothing that could prevent these folks from Buenos Aries, Argentina from having a wonderful trip across the country.
From Pensacola, Florida came this adventurous family.

I accidentally left my SIM card at home today so the photos were taken with my cell phone.   I would love to have taken many more, but things got quite crazy in the afternoon and I found I didn't have enough hands for all the tasks that needed doing, even with Ron M. and Betty helping out liberally.  I hope I have the strength to get through this super busy summer.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

I Wonder

I wonder, as I sit here in a stifling room awaiting the a/c repair man on a 100+ degree evening, if the heat will make me a better writer.   Some of the great writers of the past are seen, sleeves rolled up, sweating over an old typewriter which we are to believe put out some of the finest literature of our time.    This is not likely to happen to me.  I just want it fixed before I go to bed tonight, and I don't expect that my suffering (ha!) will improve my storytelling and plunge me into a whirlwind of creativity.   So, all that being said, here's another chapter in the life of a Route 66 museum owner.

It wasn't a crowded day at Afton Station, probably due to the crippling heat.  I'm sure that many found it more interesting to sit home in the refrigerated air or hit a beach or water park somewhere.  However we did meet and greet 20 souls, and here they are:
Folks from Fayetteville, Arkansas examining the cars in the post-war showroom.
A couple from San Sebastian, Spain checking out the '90 TC Maserati.
A couple from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma brightened the Station with their colorful shirts.
Sisters from Vandalia and Elkins Arkansas peruse the guidebooks.
And finally a happy and energetic couple from Ft. Worth, Texas.

Others came from Kansas City MO and Ozark AR.

Today is Ron M.'s birthday.  Send him good wishes.  He's such a fine and caring guy.   Wouldn't make it without him.  At the moment, however, I wish he knew how to fix air conditioners.   :-)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Old Friends and New

Surprise visits from some old Route 66 friends are always a great way to brighten the day.  When they're mixed with new folks who are visiting Route 66 for the first time, it gets even better.

When a van pulled up with signatures adorning every inch of it, we knew it was time for Jim Conkle to arrive.  This long time advocate of all things 66 is on another mission now, the Save Route 66 initiative which hopes to create a Mojave Trails National Monument in California which will protect and preserve a 103-mile stretch of the Mother Road.   He was accompanied by three other advocates, one being Mrs. California Route 66 (complete with tiara and sash!) and the aforementioned very visible van.
 Ron M. and I were invited to sign the van.   Further information about this mission can be found at
Our dear friend Jane Dippel also stopped by on her most recent Route trip, this time to Tucumcari, NM.  She was traveling with another Route 66 fan, Dan Oberle.

 A family from Rio de Janeiro Brazil found fascination in signing the wall of the work room.
A couple of big families visited.  These as from Durant, Oklahoma. . .
. . . and another from Pryor, Oklahoma.
To complete today's roster of 37 travelers, we visited with those from Houston TX, Leslie MI, Victorville CA, Springfield MO, Ft. Atkinson WI,  and Tulsa OK.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Family Day

T'was a day for families and kids at Afton Station on this hot Sunday.  Here are some of them. . .
A happy family all  the way from Adelaide, Australia.  What wonderful memories those little girls will have!
A little closer to home was this family from Villa Park, Illinois, traversing Route 66.
A big family traveling Route 66 to Albuquerque for a wedding of the two ladies front row left.
Dad and daughter from Cincinnati, Ohio heading for Phoenix where the daughter just accepted a new job as a special needs teacher.
Husband and wife from New Port Richie, Florida, retired and taking the slow lane..
And finally, I don't know if these two gals are related or just friends, but I know for sure that they're having a great time on the road.  They're from Dallas, Texas.

And that, my friends, is everyone I met today.  The weekend is over, so it's time to take a deep breath and prepare for the week ahead.