Thursday, July 14, 2011

Calmness Reigns

No photos. Very few visitors. So, my job is easy tonight. Here's the rundown. . .

**Seven visitors. A party of four men from Perth, Australia, Huntington Beach CA, and Austin TX. A couple of brothers and brothers-in-law and young son of one of the men. What a great group of guys, all thoroughly enjoying a 3-week Route 66 jaunt.

**A mother and daughter, the mother from Sand Springs, OK and visiting daughter from Ashville, NC. They were out for the day to find out what magical places lie on Route 66. I do hope they found Afton Station to be magical enough!

**A local gentleman looking to sell a 1948 Harley Davidson for $300. Sounds like a deal to me! I sent him to Tulsa to speak to the folks at Route 66 Harley, since he'd already talked to the motorcycle museum in Miami.

Tattoo Man and Ron M. were with me today, and Betty stopped in toward the end of the day. I was actually kind of happy to have some quiet time. I'll be gathering strength for what I feel will be a very busy weekend to come.

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