Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mulling it Over

As an only child, I'm supposed to be inherently satisfied with being alone and I should enjoy entertaining myself.  I don't.  Oh, sometimes nothing in the world feels better than having an entire solo day, with no responsibilities to others, but those are few and far between for me.  There's today, for instance.    This is the first day of a brand new year, and in previous years I've thrown a big New Years open house for all my friends on this day.   This  year, for some reason I can't really put my finger on, I decided not to have the party.  So here I am, at home alone on a drizzly, cold, sunless day wishing I had made a different decision about the gathering.  Now I want you to know that I'm not wilting from loneliness or anything like that.  I just wish I had some folks around to keep me company.  It's pretty bad when I start looking forward to dialysis tomorrow morning!  I don't know a soul who looks forward to that, but at least when I show up there at 6 a.m. tomorrow my other kidney deficient friends will be there to trade stories and complain about life in general.

My sidekick Ron M., without whom I'd be a lost soul for sure, is out of town for a few weeks.  It has got to the point where we do just about everything together, so I miss him.  Afton Station is closed up tight for the next month.   I do have several bright spots in my future, however.  Yesterday my friend, who is also an organizer, came over and we got started on cleaning and organizing my gigantic walk-in closet -- almost as big as another room -- which had become the repository of everything that has come into my life in the past 10 years that had no other place to reside.    It was actually fun, and at times we were doubled over in laughter.  I'm glad we didn't finish and that it will take another couple of sessions before we get it all sorted out into Keep, Trash, and Donate piles.  Being with a friend, even when doing somewhat distasteful chores, can be a lot of fun.  Here's part of it, but not the done part.
I think I'm going to try to get up to Afton over the weekend, just to see my friends up there, whom I miss a lot even after just a few weeks.   Today, after I watched the Rose Parade on TV this morning, I took a ride to Broken Arrow to see the new, spectacular Warren Theater which has just opened there.  I just looked at it from the outside, but I know its magnificence extends to the inside, too, where there are multiple theaters, all with ridiculously comfortable seating, and some areas where one can order a meal which will be served during the movie.  Check it out.  Some of us hope to get a group together to go there one of these days and commandeer one of the private screening rooms just for the fun of dining (and being waited on) while watching a movie.

On another day in the next couple of weeks, I want to take a ride west on Route 66.  I haven't been out that way for a while. Maybe I'll make it to Stroud and grab some lunch at the Rock Cafe.  If the sun would come out, I'd be a happier person and less likely to write long, boring treatises like this, for which I am apologetic.  Every now and then a girl's got to vent, I think.  Lucky  you.  You got to hear it.  And writing it has made me feel a lot less lonely.


Beth said...

Vent away, Laurel! :)

Laurel said...

Be careful what you ask for, Beth! :-)

Mike said...

Winter will be over soon and Afton Station will be awaiting your frequent arrival.