Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Intriguing Photos

In October, a very  talented photographer named Joe Young visited Afton Station and took a number of pictures.  I asked if he'd allow me to use them at some time, and he agreed and sent them last week.  I love them because they are artistically rendered images of some of the antique cars which Joe shot from close up.  I'm sure you will agree that Joe, who is from Springfield, MO, has a wonderful eye for seeing shapes, curves and details that aren't always evident in a quick, cursory glance at our collection.

So here, for your visual pleasure, are some of the images.  (I suggest you click to enlarge them to see more detail.)


Unknown said...

Very interesting

Trevor Hilton said...

Cool pictures!

joe young said...

Laurel, First, thanks for having Afton Station, where I could see your great cars and take photos. Then thanks for sharing my photos with your readers. I like see the entire vehicle, and then honing in on the one item from each one that caught my eye the most. You were more than generous with with your critique. Joe