Saturday, January 17, 2015

Maybe Not The Best Idea

    "Its a beautiful sunny day.   Temperatures in the low to mid 60s.   Gentle breeze.  Perfect day for a road trip!  C'mon family, pile into the car.  We're going to visit this place I've heard about on Route 66 in Afton, OK that has a nice collection of vintage automobiles and lots of  Route 66 memorabilia!!"

That conversation was what I imagined would take place in many homes this morning, which is why I decided to open the Station even though we're officially closed in January.  I publicized in several places that we were going to have a "bonus day" today.   Sounded like a good idea at the time.  Well, apparently it wasn't.  And although we had a great day at the Station with Betty, Robin, Joe Meeks, Ron M., Michael Scruggs, and Justin, we had no actual visitors!   That's right... none!  Ok, I gestured for one guy on a motorcycle to turn off his bike and come in, which he did, for about 60 seconds, after which he said he'd come back when he had more time another day.   My plan to have a day full of travelers in mid January was clearly a bust, but those things happen.

Justin, our 7th grade helper, came in and, among other hijinks, kept us entertained by modeling hats from our hat collection.   I took a great group photo too, but it turned out all fuzzy. It just wasn't my day.
So we closed a little early and Ron M., Joe, and I took a ride.  We ended up at Lake Yonkipin in Catoosa.  A lovely compound surrounds the small lake mere yards off Route 66, and it's necessary to drive through this "tin tunnel" to get there, which was very cool.
The gate was closed so we couldn't go in (I told you it wasn't my day), but we did manage to take these two photos of it.   Quite lovely.  I'd like to see it in the summer.
 And that was my day at Afton Station, lots of fun and yet a bit disappointing.  It takes all kinds, I guess.


Susan Yates said...

Though things didn't turn out as you'd hoped, it sounds like you had fun with friends and a lovely outing on a beautiful not-so-wintery winter day.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with Susan...sounds like you had a nice time. Hanging out at your place with friends...always a good use of time.


Trevor Hilton said...

In a couple months the travelers will come out of hibernation

RuthieMae's Stitch Cottage said...

You made some great memories! Those are the most precious things you can have. A worthy use of time!

Highway Hasman said...

I enjoy your posts very much. I hope to head out there within a few months.