Friday, January 18, 2013

Top Ten? I'll take it!

There's not much that can pull me out of a post-illness funk like opening Facebook and finding that a publication called has named Afton Station one of the "Top Ten Sights to See" on Route 66.  I know almost nothing about the Examiner or the author of the article, Vicki Lundy, but I'm thrilled that someone would consider Afton Station to be among the likes of such renowned Route 66 tourist attractions as the Santa Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico, the Will Rogers Museum in Oklahoma, and Buckingham Fountain in Chicago. Whether the Station truly belongs among such well-known and important sites might be questionable, but I certainly won't turn down this kind of publicity for our little ol' home-grown museum.  Folks who visit almost universally appreciate what we have there, and we certainly appreciate the vast assortment of travelers from all over the world who stop there on their Mother Road adventures.
The article has made me even more eager to get back to Afton Station on some sort of regular schedule.  I hate to think of it sitting up there in Afton, cold and unloved.  Maybe some time in the next week I'll take a ride up there and check things out.  Meanwhile, David has been watching the building and making sure all is well there.  Remember, if you plan a trip through Afton any time in the next month or two, you can let me know in advance and I can arrange to have a volunteer open and give you a very nice tour.  Call me at 918-382-9465 or 918-284-3829 at least a day in advance.

Here's a little bit about The Examiner.

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The Route 66 article from the Examiner can be read here:  


Susan Yates said...

Well deserved, Laurel. I hope this brings you thousands of visitors.

Jen said...

Oh, Laurel, that is fantastic! Congratulations!

Bob S said...

How Great, it shows that your love of the old two lane "Route 66" and
"Afton Station" gives everyone pleasure. Love the before picture of the station - lets start a movement to remove the metal garage from the West side of the property.

Trevor Hilton said...

A Conservative news blog named you one of the best Route 66 tourist attractions!

That's Great!

Laurel said...

Trevor -- Apparently they didn't know my true nature. Ha ha!

Beth said...

I saw that on Facebook and was so pleased for you!

So glad to hear you're on the mend, too. Don't overdo it, and let yourself heal. Love & Hugs!