Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Healing on Route 66

In an attempt to keep myself from going stark raving crazy from "recuperating" in my house for too long, I decided this cold, gray day would be a good time to take a ride.  I miss my car so much!  I intended to get an oil change, so I picked up Ron M. and we drove to the dealership, only to find that the wait was going to be too long.  So, what better excuse to head back to Route 66 to seek out something new, something different.  Alas, not much has changed on 11th St.  since we last cruised it before Christmas.

At the new Route 66 Interpretive Plaza (11th and Mingo), the bronze plaques have been affixed to the concrete podia but it was too cold and windy to walk up the rise to photograph them. The whole layout of the Interpretive Plaza continues to be interesting, a place for rest, contemplation, and education on a more favorable day, so we'll save that for the spring.
Meanwhile, at the corner of 11th and Atlanta, the former Dan Tunes Auto Service building is being transformed into the 918 Coffee House.  There has been a rash of new coffee houses opening on and around Route 66, but I think this town can handle the outbreak.  Since Tulsa demographic studies show us to be getting younger and hipper (ha!), there should be plenty of folks willing to hang out after work in a cozy place with good cup of caffeine, especially if its on the Mother Road.  A portion of the Dan Tunes building was once a service station (possibly Phillips), and that adds to the charm of the place.  I look forward to its opening.

The original sign has disappeared.  I wonder what happened to it.  It's one of my first memories from when I came to Tulsa, but I'm not sure why.  It's quite plain, formerly neon.
After that, we veered off Route 66 to score some clam/artichoke chowder from Whole Foods, a fine way to finish off a short Route 66 cruise.  I feel better already.


Mike said...

I'll bet you were starting to go stir crazy. Glad to see you're up and around.

Susan Yates said...

Hooray! You are literally on the road to recovery. So happy to read a current posting. Now we know things are going to be back to normal.

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the plaques at the 11th Street Interpretive Center--excellent information and impressively detailed. The original alignment as well as the more familiar one are both clearly mapped so the travelers can trace either or both. A couple of the plaques are devoted to Cyrus Avery, telling of his involvement in the creation of Route 66 and info and photos of some of his own enterprises along 66. So mush information that would be useful to a 66 traveler, I wish there would be a booklet available there to be carried away and used by people who want to faithfully follow 66 through Tulsa (instead of the sadly usual situation where travelers get raked off 66 and dumped on I-44 and SH-66 at the Hard Rock and end up seeing the edges of Tulsa from the Interstate.

Laurel said...


You'll be happy to hear that just such a booklet/map is in the works. At the Route 66 Community Relations Subcommittee meeting I attended last night, the main order of business was the production of an informational guide centering on the city of Tulsa and all attractions that might interest visitors -- with an emphasis on Route 66 but also including other Tulsa sites that would interest visitors. If all goes well, it will be a magnificent and comprehensive guide to our wonderful Mother Road city. Artistic design will be done by TU grad students, which makes it even more special.

Susan Yates said...


Susan Yates said...

Actually that YIPPEE was for the booklet AND for the fact that you felt well enough to attend the Route 66 Community Relations meeting. YIPPEEEEEEE!!