Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christian from Germany

It is cold and gloomy today, with predictions of temperatures in the 20s and teens tomorrow.  Winter is finally here.  Afton Station was very quiet today, with a total of only five visitors.  This couple came all the way from London, England.  When asked why they decided to travel Route 66 in December, they explained that they travel in the U.S. a lot, and always choose December, feeling that it's the best time to avoid crowds.  They're not wrong about that!  They're an interesting couple indeed.
Two local boys came in to have a look at the cars.  One of them has visited before and this time he brought a friend who hadn't had the pleasure.

Our final visitor was a repeater, a wonderful man named Christian from Germany.   He has been living in the Boston area (Quincy, MA) for several years and enjoys exploring Route 66 in his free time.  He last visited Afton Station on Mar. 25 of this year, at which time he was photographing his Mercedes in front of various Route 66 sites.  We were so happy that he came back for a second visit, and he spent about an hour sitting and chatting with Ron M. and me.  His excellent photos can be seen at  [This is now the correct URL for the site.]

Ron M., Tattoo, and Betty were all at the Station today, too.  


Susan Yates said...

What is Christian's screen name on the Mercedes board?

Laurel said...

I'm not sure, Susan. I will try to find it later if I have time, but I went ahead and put the site up there anyway, hoping some German speaking person would figure it out. The last time, I found it, but it took a while. By the way, will you please send your home address via email? I can't seem to find it here.

Anonymous said...

this is the thread which has the Route 66 pics:

(Afton Station Pics are in that very post)

Greetings Christian

Laurel said...

Thanks, Christian. That should allow everyone to see your great pictures with no problems.