Saturday, December 8, 2012

Visitors! And Signs!

Back to Afton after a full week off!   It felt good, and I felt a whole lot more energized once I got there than I do when I'm home during the week.   I really need the activity to keep me sharp.  The day began when Ron M. and I were driving through Chelsea on the way to Afton on Route 66 and saw two brand new painted billboards there!   These are beautifully rendered and the "Welcome to Chelsea" one is such a great way for little Chelsea to jump feet first into taking advantage of its placement directly on the Mother Road. Illustrations on the sign are of various Chelsea landmarks, as well as the totem poles in Foyil.  The other  sign is on the fence next to the wonderful Chelsea Motor Inn, and will surely draw more folks into the immaculate little 6-room lodging.  Both signs are very professionally designed and can't be missed when traveling west-to-east through town.   I only wish they were as visible to those traveling east-to-west, because that's the direction most travelers take.  Nevertheless, they're great!

 Upon arriving in Afton, we noticed this sign on the old livery stable/world's largest matchbook collection building across the street from Afton Station.  We understand that a flea market is about to move in there, and we're very pleased to have another establishment in town that will interest tourists.  I don't know when it will be open for business.
Frankly, I didn't expect this to be a busy day at Afton Station.  In fact, I was so pessimistic that I brought along my Christmas cards to address while there.  Well, I was wrong, and barely had time to do any addressing.   The morning started out the moment we pulled in, with the arrival of David bringing back a car he'd taken out yesterday.  Later, Robin, Phil, and Marly all dropped in.  But we also had 8 travelers come for a visit, and they were from Rogers AR, South Padre Island TX, and Grove, Edmond, and Allen, OK.  None of them were embarking on a full Route 66 trip, but all were exploring the general area and some were gearing up for longer trips in better weather.  Not bad for a gloomy winterlike day in December!   Furthermore, we'll be in Afton again tomorrow to greet even more intrepid wanderers!

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Beth said...

Beautiful signs, and glad to hear that Afton is getting another business!