Saturday, December 15, 2012

We sure know how to have fun.....

Today was our staff Christmas party at Afton Station.  It's hard to tell from this photo that we're having a rollicking good time.  Well, "rollicking" might be an exaggeration.  LOL!   We're not very good at throwing a party, I'm afraid.  By the time I got around to taking this photo, Betty and Tattoo had already left.  We were going to order pizza, but the closest pizza place let us know that they don't start making it until 2 p.m., and by that time most of us had to be thinking about closing up and going home.  Betty brought a delicious rhubarb pie and Robin brought a fantastic pineapple upside down cake and some cookies, so we had sweets for lunch.  Then, since three folks have recently bought new smart phones, the rest of the afternoon consisted of  trying to figure out how to program them.  Fun, fun, fun!  No party hats, or caroling, or even doing much of anything at all, but that never stopped us from having some fun. 

We had five visitors today, all members of the same family from Cleora, OK, a mother, father, and three kids.   The whole family was fascinated by the pressed penny machine, and they also had a nice tour of the old cars.    
For those who read an earlier blog post where I showed a photo of the old Afton Jail, you might be interested to know that my friend Perry Knight, a true historian of the town of Afton, called me today to tell me the location of the jail.  It was behind Bassett's Grocery, right across the street from Afton Station.  Unfortunately, there is nothing left of the building, but Perry said it was basically used as a holding place until the prisoner could be transported to Miami, which had (has) a real jail.

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