Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Brown Car

My beloved Brown Car is growing up.  He's a toddler now, celebrating his 2nd birthday this week, and he's proved to me what others had only told me - Subarus are the bomb!   I drive the heck out of my cars, and Brown Car has faithfully carried me over 80,000 miles with no problems and only oil changes and regular checkups to keep him on the road.    That's over 40,000 miles per year!   
I bought the Subaru because others had told me how reliable it would be in ice and snow.  Since it came into my life, we've had NO ice and snow!  I'm not complaining about that!  He is my home away from home, and I feel more comfortable behind the wheel of this wonderful vehicle than anywhere else.   Happy Birthday, Brown Car!

On a related note, Tulsa, Oklahoma has the lowest gas prices in the country.  They just made the announcement on the news.   I paid $2.83 this morning.  Brown Car gets about 28 miles to the gallon.  Not bad, I think.

I recently obtained this photo of the Afton City Jail.  I have no idea where it was, or whether the building still exists.  I don't know the identity of the people in the picture.   I also don't know if Afton has a jail now, but I doubt it.   I believe criminals are taken to the Ottawa Co. jail in Miami.  If anyone has any information about this, please let me know.  


Trevor Hilton said...

But I never got to put it's first door ding on it!

Is Aftons jail still around? If so, then it could be like Texola's jail. If not,then too bad. There could be another interesting jail to see on 66.

DennyG said...

Same thing happened to me. Bought a Subaru and it quit snowing in Ohio. Shoulda tried that sooner.

Laurel said...

If I'd known of the Subaru's ability to control the climate, I'd have purchased one long ago, when I lived in New England and had to fight every kind of inclement weather.