Sunday, December 11, 2011

Random Sunday in December Thoughts

Here I am, back in this lonely room with no visitors.  It's much better today, however.  Marly and Phil are working in the back and taking turns coming in to replenish coffee and chat for a while.  Phil was here early and turned on the heat, so I walked into a cozy room for a change. 

First, let me apologize for my blog looking or acting funny for a while.  I'm in the learning stages of Google Chrome and when it comes to things computer-related, I have a very long learning curve. Yesterday's entry looked fine to me, but others emailed to say that it looked weird to them.  I'd appreciate y'all telling me if you see any weirdness in the future, and thanks to those who have offered help.

I drove to Afton this morning pre-dawn, stopped for breakfast in Claremore, then did a quick run through Chelsea because by that time there was a little mist that I thought might add a some interest to any photos I might take.  Here's the one that turned out pretty good.  I especially like the full moon.

No visitors so far today, but it's still early and I'm optimistic. I hope no one is put off by my winter babble which tends to occur when I have no visitors to talk to or about.  

Phil had a great idea.  Since next weekend is the 2nd anniversary of the death of our dear friend Bob Waldmire, we're going to toast him with a bottle of champagne!  Bob never drank a drop, of course, but what fun would it be to toast him with wheat germ or zucchini?  And other mind-altering substances would probably be unwise, too. 

I'm home now, and able to report that we did have a few visitors after all.  A young man from Gore, OK who has quite a car collection himself came by to be impressed by our collection.  A Native American gentleman from Kenwood, KS stopped to ask the whereabouts of Afton Spring.  Unfortunately, we didn't have the answer.   I wrote about the Spring a while back, in case anyone is interested in exploring the topic. (See November 2, 2010).  A woman from Miami, OK came in to sell a 1957 Tennessee license plate.  It was nice, particularly the unique shape, but it was entirely covered with rust, so I had to decline. Finally, a man from Afton came in to talk to Marly.  Not altogether an auspicious group insofar as their interest in Route 66, but they were interesting folks and we were glad to have them.

On the way out of town, I spotted this pretty little horse in the back yard of one of the houses on a back street in Afton.  

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