Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brown Car!

Happy Birthday to my brown car. You're one year old today, and you've given me almost 41,000 smooth and trouble-free miles, mostly on Route 66. You got me through the nasty weather of last winter, and I expect you to do the same this year. I drive the hell out of you, and you don't seem to mind a bit. And much to my surprise, people don't think you're ugly!Another thing that can go either way in the ugliness department is an oil refinery. I drove up a hill early this morning to look out at the refinery area of Tulsa just before sunrise. I don't think it's ugly. The hill from which this photo is taken also overlooks the old Avery Bridge, and on this hill some day will stand the headquarters of the Route 66 Alliance. I like that it will overlook the refinery area, an important part of Tulsa's history.

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