Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hot Off the Presses....

The early-arriving Mother Road Rally came through Afton this morning and stopped to visit Afton Station and take their customary group photo in front of the showroom. They are a band of intrepid motorcycle riders who traverse all of Route 66 under the guidance of George Higgins, tour guide extraordinaire.  This year since I couldn't be there to enjoy visiting with them, my "crew" of Marly, Robin, and Tattoo Man were there at 7 a.m. to offer them our early morning hospitality.   Robin just sent along these photos.... hot off the presses, since the group just left a half hour ago to ride on to breakfast at Clanton's.

And, as also customary, Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones (yellow shirt) was there to display his inked tummy to the awestruck crowd.  That's George Higgins, group organizer and leader, standing with him.
Robin said she also took a short film of the riders waving and saying hello to me, but she can't find it on her phone at the moment.  I'll post it later if it reappears.  Meanwhile, I'll just sit here and mourn the fact that I had to miss this visit from one of my favorite groups.  Only 11 days and I'll be back!!

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Susan Yates said...

Sorry you missed this group. It will be such a great day when you return to Afton Station--where you belong!