Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Frost is on the Shield

Ron M. and I drove up to Afton this morning on mostly clear roads but with a few icy patches. We weren't anticipating a very big day at Afton Station, and we were correct. However, the quality of our four visitors made up for the lack of quantity. By day's end, the temperature had soared into the low 40s, and things were melting quickly. The sun emerged for a while, and that always cheers me up a lot. Tattoo Man was also with us for most of the day.

Here are Ron and Jennifer Edwards, a couple I've been eager to meet. They are heading up the efforts in Catoosa to restore Route 66's beloved Blue Whale. Plans are to qualify for a large grant, with which restoration of the actual Whale himself, restoration of the Ark, and development of an indoor gift shop will be accomplished. Jennifer is the head of the Chamber of Commerce there, and Ron tends to the Facebook page called "Blue Whale". Blue Whale (22) I'm very impressed by what these fine folks are doing, and I hope they come back to Afton Station for another visit soon. (They were horrified that I was taking this photo because they thought they looked a mess after coming home from a vacation. I beg to disagree. They look great!)
Only one other couple visited today but they, too, were interesting and fun to meet. They're from Sand Springs, OK and were passing through on a trip up to Grand Lake. We certainly had fun chatting with them.

Big news in Afton, although like most things that happen in Afton, we are a bit mystified by what we are seeing. Here's what's been built on the empty lot next to Bassett's Grocery, the spot where the building was demolished this fall. We have no idea what it is, so we'll just watch it go up and speculate a lot. Ron M. is guessing it's going to be a Starbucks. He's insane! LOL! I'll let you know as soon as I find out anything.

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New construction is always welcome.