Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gas pumps!

Saturday, July 26,  2008


Despite the broiling heat, my excitement started when I pulled into Afton Station this morning and saw the GAS PUMPS!   God bless Marly, who has been working so hard to get the old beat-up gas pumps David found ready to be bolted to the island in front of the Station.  Yep, there they were, in all their bright red glory, albeit without any of the trim pieces or the globes atop.   But the guts were there, and that’s what matters.   I am thrilled.   Marly came in later to get the Model A to take to a car show, so I had the chance to express my appreciation.  He’s one great person, and I’m so happy to have him volunteer in so many ways.


Amid today’s visitors from Ireland, England (two separate groups), Sweden, and a variety of more “local” folks (Wisconsin, Springfield, and a few I can’t recall), I had two special guests.   Margaret, the social worker from my dialysis unit, and her husband drove up from Tulsa and spent over an hour as we chatted and did a little dialysis gossiping.   It’s always fun to be able to play host to someone from my “other” life.    Also, the Mopar Club from Shawnee ventured out in the heat, although by the time they arrived in Afton the weather had gotten to the folks in a couple of the cars so only two showed up.  No problem, since Scot, the group leader, his wife, and the folks in the other car stayed a while and we had a very nice chat.  And, what a sweet surprise -- Scot presented me with a box of yummy Danish cookies as a token of appreciation for hosting them!   Little did he know that I was probably enjoying the visit more than they were.


The down part of the day concerns Ron’s foot.  As usual, Ron accompanied me to the Station, but he was in obvious pain all day from a very swollen and bruised foot.  He was a real trooper, but I could definitely see his anguish.  He spent part of yesterday (his birthday) in the Urgent Care Clinic of St. John getting it x-rayed and being given pain pills. Hope he’s much better tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your concern. The FOOT is much better now and I'm actually walking around without limping!! :-)