Sunday, September 14, 2014


That's a heavy sigh, indicating a slightly quieter day today at Afton Station.  Not that quiet, -- but at least we had a few minutes between guests to catch our breaths.  That hasn't happened all week.  Actually, a day like today a few years ago would have been considered crazy busy. Lately, however, if we have five minutes to collect our thoughts between onslaughts of Route 66 travelers, we call it relaxing.

There were 39 visitors today.  Twelve of them came all at once, a group of bikers from the Southern Cruisers, all from Tulsa or the nearby towns of Skiatook, Broken Arrow, and Locust Grove.  They lined up their bikes for some formal photos in front of the Station after visiting our showrooms.  A nice looking display of iron, indeed!

Other visitors came from Waterloo, IA, Birmingham England, San Diego CA, Chicago IL, Gaylord MI, Tahlequah OK, Barron WI, E. Sussex England, Catoosa OK, Germany, Owasso OK, and Bernice OK.
Although we have no photos of him, one interesting guest was a middle-aged man from Germany who was bicycling Route 66, end to end, without a word of English.  That can't be easy!  He asked for a Pepsi (using hand motions), looked around a little, then uttered the only thing he said in English... "thank you" he pedaled off down the road.
Another interesting couple came early in the morning and stayed quite a while because Ron M. and I were full of questions about their lifestyle.  They are motor home "full timers" and haven't had a permanent  home for the last 10 years.  It's always interesting to hear details about the mechanics of being constantly on the road.  How do they get mail?  In what state are they considered citizens for the purpose of voting, etc.?  Do they work while on the road?  All answers were given cheerfully by this affable couple.  Sounds like fun to me!
This nicely restored '68 Plymouth was driven to Afton Station all the way from San Diego by two gentlemen who are driving Route 66 from start to finish.  I'm sure they're getting many appreciative glances at every stop.  Nice car!
This is one of two couples who visited us from England today.  They are from Birmingham and the others were from E. Sussex.

Before the day was over, we also visited with a family of 5 on motorcycles from Owasso, OK and some interesting folks from Waterloo, IA and Gaylord MI. too.

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Susan Yates said...

Visitor numbers are wonderful. What a nice September Surprise.