Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just Like Old Times

Ahhhh!    That's an expression of delight and content.   It felt SO good to get back to Afton Station today, and although we're still not totally open on a regular schedule, this was a perfectly perfect day to test the winter waters.  We were expecting a large car club's visit, which was my reason for opening this early in February.  Add to that, a gorgeous day -- low 70s and sunny.

The car club arrived in two groups -- 28 people in their Chargers, members of the Mopar 360 group with folks from  Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Arkansas.  They lined up their pretty Chargers for photos, then lined themselves up for some group shots.

I don't know much about Chargers or other Mopar vehicles, but I do know that the folks who drive them are a friendly bunch.  We enjoyed their visit.  Here are a few of the visitors from the club, photographed by Justin, our teen volunteer.

There were others who dropped in too, six in all.  They came from Nickerson KS, Summers AR, and Miami, OK.  This couple from Kansas was the first through our doors this morning.  They came for directions and stayed to check out the old cars.  They indicated that they were extremely happy that they found us.
Betty, Robin, and Sue all stopped by for a while.  Here are Robin and Sue.... but please don't ask about the origin of the expressions on their faces.  Let's just say that they had just seen something shocking.  I would tell you if I didn't value my own life so much. Sorry.  Ha ha...
And then there were Justin and Nate, our amazing teen volunteers.  They never fail to keep us entertained, and today they swept the floors of the showrooms then helped guide our visitors.   We sure enjoy their presence, although I think their future may include careers as circus clowns.  .
Tomorrow, Robin will be opening for the day, and Sue will work on Tuesday.  So if you have a notion to take a little Route 66 venture, please consider a visit to our beautiful Afton Station.

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Anonymous said...

Great page, but some of those are not Chargers. Top photo has a Challenger, and a 300m. Route 66 is my dream trip, and part of my bucket list. Thanks for the fun page.