Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spaced Out

No, I'm not spaced out (well, at least no more than  usual).   But our visitors at Afton Station were very neatly spaced out today so we were able to chat casually with each and every one of them.   It was a relaxing day on Route 66, and also a beautiful day.  In fact, we sat outside for a bit, although just as we settled in,the visitors started coming, so our sun worshiping was short lived.

I got home, just in time for the Kentucky Derby,  and did my annual ceremonial "Drinking of the Weak Mint Julep and Weeping Through My Old Kentucky Home" ritual.   I miss my years in Kentucky so much on this day every year.  Incidentally, my  horse lost.  What else is new?

Anyway, back to Route 66.   Our visitors came from Brisbane Australia, Navan Ireland, Rogers AR, Riverside CA, Kalispeel MT, Oklahoma City OK, Reno NV, Neosho MO, Tulsa OK, and Hamilton, Ontario.
Here is another couple of delightful Aussies.  They're traveling West to East and have enjoyed Arizona and Oklahoma the best so far.
Our Irish visitors admired the Impala.  We had a long, enjoyable chat with them.
Meanwhile, Tripper got a BIG hug from a young woman from Riverside, California.
And these three guys -- a father, son and uncle -- gave the penny pinching machine a good workout.  We also had a fellow from Hamilton, Ontario  who came in specifically to use the penny pincher but stayed to admire the cars.

See you tomorrow!

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