Friday, April 10, 2015

Loose Ends

Just a few loose ends today. . .

For the near future, we are ceasing the autographing of the walls of the Station.  It's not that we don't love all the neat signatures and little cartoons people leave there.  It's a matter of space!   The signatures are starting to creep into the car showroom, and we don't feel good about having permanent markers so near the valuable automobiles.   This ban won't last forever, though.  We will be moving some large signs and billboards around to expose more clean walls which will be ripe for satisfying all your graffiti urges.  Just hang in there.
Robin worked today and took this picture of what she called a "cute hound".  I agree!  The family is from Bartlesville.   She gave the pup one of our special doggie bandanas, which he liked.  

I tried to capture some great car shots from the Flicker account which Tuesday's visitor Rhys Martin left for me to use.  His photos are so wonderful, but inexperience with Flicker combined with my aging computer has made it a more difficult task than it ought to be.  I'll keep trying, as his photos are worth seeing.

We just got word that a movie is going to be made at the Blue Whale in Catoosa.    A good percentage of the film will be done there, with great cooperation from the Blue Whale owners.  Filming will start this summer.  

I'm anticipating a great weekend at the Station, even greater if I could overcome this allergic reaction to pollen and could breathe as usual once again.  

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