Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thanks, Robin!

 When I called last night and asked Robin to fill in for me today, she immediately agreed.   As I’ve said many times before, I love my “peeps” up in Afton.   I had to arrive at Afton Station late once again because I wanted to be at the hospital when Ron M. came out of his morning surgery.   He emerged around 9:30 and was still stable, still comatose (artificially) and still unable to have visitors, so I jumped in the car and got to Afton around 11:30. 

For a while, it was slow and Robin and I had time to chat.  Eventually things heated up and we ended up with  24 visitors, which isn’t bad.   They came from Lisbon Portugal, Plano TX, Minneapolis MN, Anniston AL, Rudy AR, Independence KS, Stillwater OK, Grove OK, and Nowata OK.   Also, our friends from Salt Lake City drove up and checked things out.  Kris and Breeden haven’t been to Afton Station since one of the first years we were open, and they certainly noted all the changes!  They've been so helpful with Ron M.'s situation and it feels good to have them here.
 Here are a couple of very handsome brothers from Portugal who graced our presence this morning.   Those brilliant smiles are completely genuine.   One of the brothers is a postcard collector, so I could relate to him very well.  They were so cute and friendly.  Oh, to be 30 years younger!   J  

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