Friday, September 23, 2016

Laurel Richards Kane, 1946-2016

In January 2016, we lost Laurel R. Kane, beloved operator of the visitor's center at Afton Station. 

Visitors to Afton Station from around the world would find, and later seek out, a welcome and a smile from Laurel. Her vast knowledge of the "Mother Road," her kind nature and quick wit endeared her to those who stopped by Afton Station, making her a Route 66 celebrity. "Oh, we love our visitors," Laurel was known to say. Since opening Afton Station, Laurel reckoned she greeted over 7,000 visitors a year. 

Here is her obituary as published in the Tulsa World, from February 14, 2016. 

For more information about Afton Station, including operating hours and contact information, please visit the Afton Station website,

- The Kane Family


DynoDave said...

Thank you for that post. Laurel is certainly missed.

This blog was a daily morning paper, as it were. I still stop by most days.

Do you intend to add updates to this blog as time goes on? It would certainly be interesting to hear what everyone is up to, from family to volunteers.


Leslie Raymond said...

I stumbled upon this today in order to share the URL with someone, and I am so sad to learn of Laurel's passing. We lost touch the last couple of years after I quit using Facebook, but I have a ton of wonderful memories of times spent with Laurel at postcard shows. I was part of the Prodigy group with Laurel, Ralph, Sandy, Wendy, and others years ago. When Laurel moved to OK, she met me halfway between Tulsa & Dallas on a couple of occasions so we could catch up over lunch. The first time we did it was right after she bought her PT Cruiser, and we discovered we'd each bought one on the same day without knowing the other was doing so. My heart is hurting to know that she's no longer with us. But I'm sure she and Ralph are goofing on us from their little cloud, where no cats are allowed.

Love & Hugs to David, Sarah, and all of us who loved Laurel.

Plano, TX

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Brian said...

I'm certainly sorry to hear about Laurel. Route 66 is very interesting to me and I thoroughly enjoy reading about those who work to keep it alive. This restoration project was really special.

All the best to those of you who were friends and family of Laurel.

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