Saturday, December 6, 2014

Aimless Wandering

A week has gone by since I've been to Afton Station, and you'd think I could sit back and enjoy the "vacation" seeing as how it's just begun.  Unfortunately, I've already caught a bad case of restlessness, so today I went out wandering around, mostly on the alternate alignment of Route 66 through Tulsa, Admiral Blvd.    I've covered nearly all of this alignment's "must see" signs, buildings, etc., on this blog in the past, and so it wasn't a particularly rewarding use of a couple of gallons of gas.

I've been reading Susan Kelly's wonderful biography of Cyrus Avery -- "The Story of Cy Avery: Father of Route 66" so I thought I'd try to find his grave in Rose Hill Cemetery.
It was drizzling, and friends had told me it can't be seen from the paved path, so I looked around for the Avery family plot from my car, but to no avail.  I know it's a stone embedded in the ground rather than a standing headstone, so I think I can find a better day to go hunting for that.

Directly across Admiral from the cemetery is about the most inappropriate building you could envision for such a location, although as roadside kitch it is definitely a winner.   It's Dong's, a firearms and ammo shop.  At least we can be sure that Cyrus is being continually watched over by this guardian zebra.  
Eventually I got tired of driving around in the drizzle and came home.  Still restless, I tried to take some photos of my living room but obviously chose the wrong day for it.   I'll try again some day when there's more light.  Now I'm going to concentrate on putting up my meager Christmas decorations.   Tomorrow I'll have a better blog post, I'm sure.  I'm off with friends on a road trip.  Can't wait!


Susan Yates said...

I don't comment on every one of your posts, but I read them all. Just wanted you to know you're not playing to an empty room. I look forward to reading about the trip you'll be taking tomorrow--wherever you're going. Bon voyage.

Laurel said...

Thank you, Susan, my loyal reader. I do sometimes wonder if writing on my blog is just talking to myself. I've kept private diaries for years, but that's so different from blogging, where I do care what others read. So, it's good to know its being read! I'll report on today's trip when I get home tonight if there's time.