Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We're In The Book!

I'm pleased to report that Afton Station has been included in a beautiful new "coffee table" book entitled Car Collections of Oklahoma: Timeless Automobiles and the Obsessed Oklahomans Who Collect Them.  Author/Photographer Ann Sherman has spent several years traveling and  photographing many of the magnificent vintage auto collections within Oklahoma, and although an incredible 76 of them are featured in the book, Ann tells us that they represent barely the tip of the iceberg in this state.  I don't know if Oklahomans have a unique obsession or if it is common in other state as well, but the collections which are featured in this book are quite amazing.  Here are two of the four pages dedicated to Afton Station.
We are proud to be included in this fine volume.  To order one of your own, go to www.carcollectionsofoklahoma.com .

I drove up to Afton to check on things on Saturday, and everything is being well taken care of..  Marly  has been working on cars there for a couple of weeks, so he's been keeping watch.   Thank you, Marly.  In addition, he and Robin are going to strip the black-and-white linoleum floor in the main room and clean and wax it this week.  Those of  you who visited recently probably recall what a mess it had become after a full year of travelers. Soon, it will shine again!

On Saturday, we are having a visit from our first tour group of the year, a church group from Tulsa.  I'm so looking forward to it!  It's supposed to be a beautiful day. Although the group isn't coming until the afternoon, we'll be open all day, so come ahead if you're looking for something to do.  Remember, we are (sadly) going to be charging $2 per person to view the vintage car collection from now on.  Children are free, and there is no charge to roam around the main room.  The charge is just for the car showrooms, and will help defray the heavy costs of keeping Afton Station open 7 days a week for most of the year.


Susan Yates said...

In the book as well you should be. Afton Station and the cars it holds are impressive by any standard.

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this is good post.
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