Friday, August 7, 2015

Shirking Blogging Duties

Here's why I didn't post a blog last night:
My beautiful daughter Sarah was visiting from Chicago.
We were cheering on the Tulsa Drillers baseball team from our beautiful new stadium overlooking the skyline of Tulsa.

It wasn't the greatest game. The Drillers won easily while those of us intrepid watchers broiled in the 100+ degree stands.  But we had our beer, root beer, and luscious Seigi's sausages to keep our minds off the fact that our toes were sizzling.  It was a fun night.

Sarah and I had a good day at Afton Station, too.   Our visitors came from all over the map, and we like it that way.
Here's a family from Hamburg, Germany.
And honeymooners from Milan, Italy,

Four handsome young gentlemen from Imatra, Finland rounded out our foreign visitors.  Three of them were extremely interested in vintage vehicles.
The fourth was more interested in getting the wall signed.

Representing the good old USA, here's a couple from McAlester, Oklahoma. . .
. . . and others visited from Oklahoma City, OK, Kannapolis NC, Tulsa OK, and Louisville KY..

A full day of greeting interesting people with my daughter at my side followed by a minor league baseball game on a sultry night.  What could be better?

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