Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Roger's Ride for the Relay Redux

I'm honored to say that Roger Fox and his very well-organized and popular "Ride for the Relay" motorcycle  cruise has chosen to come to Afton Station for several years in a row.   That happened today, and I'm always so excited when I see the bikes roar into Afton.  The 38 bikers come from all over the country.  Fortunately, Marly stopped in and agreed to stay for several hours to help out, as it would have been hard to deal with all the folks all by myself.   The Ride is made each year in honor of friends and family who have died from cancer, and donations are collected all the way along the Route 66 which are given to cancer charities.   Since Marly and I were kept busy with the visitors, I asked my friend Ken "Landrunner" Turmel, who was traveling with them, to snap a few photos for me.  Here they are.

Here are Roger and Ken, cooling their heels (and other body parts, I'm sure.... it was HOT today!)

Love this painting on the back of one of the bike trailers.   Very nice!  There are many unique vehicles participating each year.

There were a few other visitors today, too.  They came from Fairdealing MO, Albuquerque NM, Joplin MO, and Miami, OK.  Betty stopped by for a while too, and since she hasn't been around much lately, it was great to get to chat a bit.

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