Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Circus Comes to Afton

It's a very small circus, but a significant one. I refer to two of Route 66's beloved "quirky" types -- Tattoo Man and Dean "Crazy Legs" Walker. There's always a carnival atmosphere when both these guys are at Afton Station at the same time. Today, Dean arrived with our friend Brenda from Akron, OH. They've been traveling together for a couple of weeks after leaving the Amarillo Festival and heading west. Not long after that, Tattoo Man appeared.

Drop-in guests got treated to Dean's reversible feet, while Tattoo Man bared his body to show off his 90-something Route 66 tattoos as the visitors snapped away at their cameras to catch these two in the act. This was good for me today, since I have a very sore throat and a bit of laryngitis, and I didn't have to talk much. Who wants to listen to me when these two interesting guys are on the scene?

Dean and Tattoo entertain guests

It was nice to have Ron M. with me today, and also great to see Brenda, whom I customarily only see once a year at Festival time.

We also had a visit from George and Ann Higgins from Parkersburg WV, the folks who run the huge annual Mother Road Rally, a group of Route 66 motorcycle riders who, due to scheduling, almost always arrive at Afton Station on a day when I can't be there. This year, Marly greeted the group very early a couple of Monday mornings ago. It was nice that George and Ann could stop in on their way back from California and we had a good visit. George has run this prestigious rally for over 15 years. It's quite a big deal.

George and Ann Higgins

Other visitors today came from Moundville MO, Deventer Netherlands, and Bartlesville, Glenpool, Kiefer, Tulsa, and Wann, OK. The folks from Moundville left their helmets out to bake in the 100+ degree temperatures while they enjoyed a bit of air conditioning. It was mighty hot for bikers today!

I will spend this evening attempting to heal myself so I can be a better Route 66 hostess tomorrow. See you then!

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