Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Just received the nicest thing in the mail. . . not only the item itself, but the thought behind it. It was a surprise from my Big Sister in my college sorority, a person I hadn't communicated with for an embarrassing number of decades. We had very recently reconnected via Facebook, and the note she sent with the surprise gift indicated that she's been reading this blog all along, which makes me feel so happy. As a result of reading the blog, she knew that I was deeply into Route 66, so when she found this cigar box purse at a Delta Gamma (that's my sorority) fundraiser, she bought it and sent it to me. I'm truly moved, and very excited about reconnecting with Mary Frances.
Thanks so much, Mary Frances! ITB


Beth said...

What a sweet thing to do, and that is so cute! Facebook is amazing.

doncbaker@comcast.net said...

I just found your web page it is so nice to see that someone is still keeping Afton alive. My name is Don Baker im a grandson of Clint and Lilly Baker who owned the Baker's Cafe. They had three sons Jack, my dad Dean and his twin brother Gean. There alot of baker offspring still around some in tulsa others across the country we all had great times coming to visit Afton years ago my grandmothers house was on 66 and as kids we would go out an try to get the trucks to blow ther air horns walk to town and go to the post office and stop at the gas station for a grape or orange pop. Now that seems like light years ago.I live in GA and will see if I can dig up any thing fun for your buisness about Afton. Take care,Don Baker