Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Every now and then. . .

. . . a quiet day is a good thing. Although there were only 8 visitors today, I didn't mind because it gave me time to hang out with some of my favorite people. Betty W. was there for most of the morning, Marly was there at opening and closing, and a very special guest, my friend Bruce Smith from Tulsa, drove up to Afton Station this afternoon for a visit, too. He enjoyed the gorgeous day driving his sporty Mercedes convertible. During the time he was there, we had no visitors at all, so we got to spend some time catching up on one another's lives. Here's Bruce in front of our 1929 Packard convertible like the one his grandmother once owned.

The other visitors today came from Rockford IL, Salem IN, Libertyville IL, and Vinita, OK. And speaking of Vinita, I snapped this photo on my way to Afton this morning. It's the site of the former Harvey House (see yesterday's post). It's the parking lot behind the Vinita City Hall, and it's certainly not as picturesque as the old Harvey House building!Finally, just in case you're not completely bored by them by now, here's another of my sunrise scenes. The sun was BIG as it rose this morning, nearly blinding me as I drove into it.

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