Thursday, November 19, 2009

Need a dog house?

Not too bad, for a winter Thursday! The weather cooperated, and it's clear that travelers prefer to travel when it's sunny and not freezing. We had 6 visitors today (or 6 1/2, as Ron M. said -- since one person just stopped in to get driving directions). The six visitors who actually stuck around and looked at the cars and Route 66 memorabilia were from Harralsonville MO, Grove OK, and Clearwater FL. Ron M. was with me all day, Tattoo came for part of the day, and Betty arrived near the end of the day, bearing a wonderful gift of pork sausage. Thank you, Betty! Also, Ron M. brought me a rum-soaked cake from Barbados. Thank you, Ron!

Our neighbor, whom we call Fork Lift Man because he tends to spend most of his time driving back and forth in front of Afton Station on his fork lift hauling various items from one of his properties to another, has a new business. Hey, it's nice to have another commercial enterprise in town. Fork Lift Man is quite the entrepreneur. He has taken the wooden boxes he has accumulated and made them into dog houses, which he's now selling. Here's his display . . . one of the dog houses perched on one of his fork lifts. And apparently he has also accucmulated some pelts, because he's also now in the cowhide and sheepskin business. Nothing fancy. LOL!
David and Marly have been working on sanding and painting the stanchion for the new DX sign. Here it is, a work in progress.

And that's the way it was. . . Afton, Oklahoma. . . November 19, 2009/

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Trevor Hilton said...

I've always admired someone who can make something from nothing. Mr. Fork Lift seems to be able to do that.
There's been many times I've seen something and thought, "Why didn't I think of that!"