Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Beautiful Route 66 Morning

Are sunrises as consistently beautiful in other parts of the world as they are on Route 66 in Oklahoma?  I'm so glad that I'm an early riser and am able to view the majesty of the skies on most days as I drive to Afton.  Today, the world was a symphony in pink and blue.  Breathtaking!
At 8:30, I arrived at Afton Station, an hour before our posted opening time, and there was already a car full of travelers clamoring to get in.  It takes a little early morning energy to get the place open with people breathing down my neck, but I'm certainly never going to turn anyone away, particularly those that are so eager to see inside that they rise extra early in the morning.  These folks were from Englewood and Westminster, Colorado, and they were delighted to be able to see the vintage cars.  

It wasn't a particularly busy day, especially compared to the crowds of the past several days.  We had only 13 visitors, and most of the morning was completely visitor-free.  Those who did come were from Gainesville GA, Spring TX, Grove OK, Broken Bow OK, Greenfield MA, and Chicago IL.  

This trucker from Broken Bow, OK was full of stories about his 30 years on the road in his big rig.
Here's a guy from Greenfield, Massachusetts.   I'm not sure why I'm getting blurred photos when I take them at this range.   The settings seem to work for other distances.  Hmm.....
Today, we belatedly celebrated Robin's birthday (which was last week), and also bade a farewell to Robin and Phil who are leaving tomorrow for a 3-week trip to California (mostly on Route 66!).  They will be incredibly missed at Afton Station, I assure you!   Marly, Tattoo, Robin, Phil and I were there for pizza and cupcakes, and Betty arrived late with the MOST scrumptuous rhubarb pie that's ever been made.  That woman has a way with pie!   Unfortunately, some of the festivity was dampened by the fact that Robin and Phil had to bury one of their beloved cats this morning.  Condolences, guys.  
 See you on Saturday!

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