Saturday, April 9, 2011

Model A Fords, where art thou?

I'm late to the blog tonight because I was late getting home from Afton Station. Therefore, this will be short and probably not very articulate. Just the facts, ma'am. We (Ron M. and I) waited until 5 p.m. for a scheduled Model A Club visit, but they never showed up. I casting no blame, however, because there was a big question mark on the calendar spot after my notation of their scheduled visit, and I can't recall why I questioned their 5 p.m. arrival. Might be my own fault. In any case, I'm sorry we missed them.

We had 22 other visitors today however, and it was a busy and exhilirating day all the way around. Our first visitors were folks from Pierce City, MO and an exchange student from Bremen, Germany was with them.

We also had guests from Huttwilen, Switzerland, Ketchum OK, Monett MO, Fort Sill OK, Langley OK, and Grove OK. The couple from Langley, OK arrived, ironically, in their own Model A, and when they drove in we thought they were part of the anticipated group. But, they were traveling on their own and knew nothing of the Model A group. Another couple, from Owasso OK, were out for an afternoon spin in their beautiful customized '47 Ford, very sinister and gangsterish -- a beautiful resto job.

Tattoo Man was with us for a while in the morning. We also had a number of visits from our new "friends" from the Mental Health Center. All were very polite, talkative, and definitely not boring. Toward the end of the day some personal friends came for a visit. Marly was out with his dad for the afternoon and stopped in briefly. Finally, friends Richard and Bill from Grove, OK surprised us with a visit, freshly home from their winter home in Florida.

By the way, it was 88 degrees today! Glorious warmth! Maybe a bit too much, we I'm not complaining.

More tomorrow. . . less disjointed and more informational, I hope! :-)


Trevor Hilton said...

Nice old Ford. Lim doesn't understand why I like old cars. To her, new cars are better. But, when I visited Malaysia a couple of times I didn't see any evidence of a "Car Culture" there like we have here. I'm sure there must be one, but I didn't see it. And, to Lim, a car is a device for getting from point a to point b.

Has Tattoo repaired his '56 yet?

Laurel said...

I guess the love of old cars is an acquired taste. Not everyone cares about them, and that's ok. For instance, I don't have much love for motorcycles. To each his/her own.

Yes, Tattoo's car is repaired and he drove it to Afton yesterday.