Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter Weekend

It's the first weekend in December. I have to keep reminding myself of that. I have to remind myself that visitors are few and far between in December. I have to remind myself that we've had 16 visitors so far in the first four days of December, which is more than the number of visitors we had that entire month last year. I'm doing all this reminding to keep myself from being depressed that it's winter on Route 66.
After observing an amazing morning sunrise like fire in the sky, I picked Ron M. up and we proceeded to Afton Station. It was chilly but not frigid, and the sun was shining. Shortly after we arrived, we had our first visitor, a gentleman from Manchester, MO who is traversing some of Route 66 to observe and photograph neon signage for a potential magazine article. He was most interested in our Packard sign, which he'd read about in a guidebook.

Tattoo Man arrived around 10:30 and stayed with us for several hours, during which we had only two other visitors, a man from Claremore, OK and another from Choteau, OK. Both were with wives who chose to remain in the car. The gentlemen, however, enjoyed their visits.

After that, the slowness of the day started to bother me, so we closed up a bit early and left. I'll be back in Afton tomorrow, so come for a visit!
So far, our only seasonal decoration. More tomorrow, perhaps.
I had a long, interesting call from River Pilot last night. River is the man with whom I've had several phone calls, emails, and one face-to-face meeting concerning the Route 66 GPS download he's been developing. He called to let me know that it's finished and ready for purchase! It can be used with Garmin Nuvi, Zumo, Street Pilot, and eventually other GPS systems. From my dealings with River, I know that it will be accurate and thorough. He spent a lot of time mapping and describing tiny Afton in detail, so I can only imagine the care and dedication he put into mapping the entire Route. Wow! I can't wait to see the fruits of his labor. Eventually, I'll be selling the system at Afton Station. Until then, visit Spot It Out to read more and place your order.


Trevor Hilton said...

It's good to know some people still enjoy cruising, even when the weather is cold.

I'm already getting cabin fever, and winter has barely started.

Ken Riches said...

Hope that the winter passes fast. Had to snow blow the driveway today for the first time of the season :o(