Friday, March 5, 2010

The "good" old days

Well, I decided to start an Afton Station Fan Page on Facebook (urged to do so by Tim Doyle), and right after I set it up Mike Ward posted some ancient (2002) photos of the Station before we'd done much of anything to it. I've been looking for some good ones, and these will give you some idea of what we were dealing with those first three or four years. The rest of Mike's photos can be seen at

T'was a little sparse when I first started out. I had a card table, a chair, a couple of signs, and some brochures. And yet, people still came to visit, and they're still visiting.

This is prior to removing the metal awning, replacing all windows in the showroom, and replacing the overhead door with one made of glass. Unfortunately, we had to get rid of the ghost sign that said Eagle Service Station.

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Tim said...

Love the fan page!! Afton Station has come a really, really, really long way since 2002!